About Us

LIV'N is a lifestyle brand that supports and encourages living one's best life as their greatest version of themself. The brand was formed with a passion to help people seek out their own special individuality and help them really dig deep into what makes them truly feel alive and promote that.  Everyone has the opportunity to be great, feel great, and do great things in life. So what's stopping you from LIV'N!?


Our events are simply experiences to reflect what it might mean to be truly LIV’N life with friends, family, or even someone new. The LIV’N brand represents something different for each of us. Our events are a great opportunity to engage with like minded and uplifting souls who are truly into the idea of LIV’N life.


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Vision Cambodia is a non-profit organization that exists to build healthy communities in the rural villages of North Western Cambodia. Our mission is to build water wells, encourage education through the development and construction of schools, provide medical support for women during child birth, support villagers with clean clothing, and make general good hygiene possible. Having access to clean water is a necessity and in this day and age every human should have it available. This is the first, and most important, step to health, education, and economic growth.

Safe Drinking Water

$350 is all that it takes to design, construct, and maintain a sanitary water well. One well has the capability to hydrate an entire Cambodian village. Action is currently being taken to educate village people on proper hygiene habits and the benefits of safe drinking water.



Remote villages don't have the resources necessary to build schoolhouses. We have built and maintained school buildings thus giving children an opportunity to learn skills in basic subjects such as reading, writing, and math. Doing so prepares them to excel in our ever-advancing world. Every $3,000 earned is a new school built.

Baby Birth Cards

$25 is the local fee for medical support during the birth process. This includes a ride to and from the hospital, all medications, tools needed during labor, and a 2-night stay for the family. Most villagers can not afford this cost, causing them to give birth in unsanitary conditions, which contributes to the high infant mortality rate. The baby fund directly, successfully, and positively impacts this rate.

Vision Cambodia is run solely by volunteers. 100% of your donation is going to people in need. Due to our local founder, a man named Chantha who currently lives in Cambodia full time, it’s possible to get to see the immediate effects of your contributions, through pictures of the families and new born children. For more information please check out our website: www.visioncambodia.org and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details. @visioncambodiaorg